The purpose for which this site was set up is three fold.

Firstly to generate an on line memorial for Kellie.

Secondly to reveal the truth regarding Kellie's last moments.

Thirdly to undo the damage done by the Defence in case T008-7007 at the Old Bailey in August 2008 where Q.C, Solicitors and Defendant Including their witnesses unscrupulously connived in producing lies and conjecture plus defamation of Kellie's character in their successful attempt to get the murderer off.


K.M.D.TELESFORD, Born in Trinidad on Monday the Sixteenth of January in the year of Nineteen Sixty Seven - Died in England at Thornton Heath CR7-6JZ, at around Five AM in the forenoon on Sunday the Eighteenth of November in the year Two Thousand and Seven as a result of Strangulation inflicted by a Jamaican illegal immigrant .Thornton Heath has now lost some of its sparkle and has become a little duller now that Kellie is no longer seen around. Kellie was lovely and her special beauty, gentility and caring kindness made her an outstanding person.Kellie was very special and sadly she is no longer with us in the flesh, yet there need not be sorrow as even before she was taken from us an elaborate safety net was laid out for her. Her soul has great power dating back to the Nineteenth Dynasty (where she existed as Gibsefa)and further back into the mists of time where she existed as King Beficakap Terah (Genesis 1,V27), and before did exist. And contact is easily made. Her presence will be strong hopefully for a good many years yet, until finally her first great love from an Eon ago again returns to her embrace. For which she waits.


At Flat 1, 81 Leander Road in the early hours of 18.11.2007 Hyatt had been seemingly asleep since about 1.30 A.M on the side of the bed nearest the window. Kellie expected him to leave when he awoke because she never had any doubts about him. Kellie was awake until just after 3 A.M when she fell asleep on the side of the bed nearest to the television which remained on. Kellie was awoken at around 5 A.M by the sounds that Hyatt made as he was disconnecting and moving her television and sound equipment. She sat up and saw him carrying her DVD towards the door and she also noticed that her handbag was no longer on the table. She challenged him saying "what do you think you`re doing you thief "and Hyatt became enraged and replied "I`ll kill you, you bastard sex maid" (in Jamaican slang). Hyatt grabbed the scarf which was hanging over the back of the chair nearest the door and quickly with the scarf outstretched between his hands he mounted the bed. Kellie did not expect him to kill, she thought that he would gag her and tie her up. She said "stop I only have these" it was too late, the scarf was around her neck very quickly and she being sleepy stood little chance. Although very frightened she felt little pain and it was rapidly over. Hyatt made sure that the scarf was well tied to ensure that she did not come round and pulled her on to the floor and then covered her up. Now that she was out of the way he went through her belongings making off with all that he could carry including the little money that she had about £17.


All corrective statements in this section Kellie has vetted.

I travelled down to the Old Bailey every day for nine days so that Kellie and I could hear every minute of case No T008-7007 in Court. The outcome of the case was completely the opposite of what we expected. Owing to Kellie slowly realising her powers I was a little afraid in Court but she assures me that retribution has been taken out of her hands but on another plane lawyers are slowly writing and roads of exit are gradually being closed off.

The prosecutor Sally O`Neill QC did sterling work but unfortunately the evidence was not strong enough to nail Hyatt. On the other hand logic and common sense could have secured a conviction but the jury possessed neither. And hence the lies, assumptions , hypotheses, defamation of Kellies character and unfounded sexual theories used by the unscrupulous conniving defence to brainwash a jury which at best consisted of a load of Buffoons many of whom were too young to have had any real life experience plus the influence of a judge (Paul Woresley) who under court time pressure from a near bankrupt criminal courts system required a quick decision before weekend and allowed them to take short cuts on questions which would take higher levels of reasoning to resolve cumulatively created a situation where gross injustice prevailed.

1. The defence brought forth a doubtful professor of psychiatry (prof Nimbus) whos speciality was sexual perversions (most likely because he was obsessed by them) to Brainwash the jury into believing that self strangulation was a real possibility. just another dirty trick.( Kellie lived as a woman and enjoyed sex as some women do, she never needed sex toys, apparatus or props and actually scorned such things and no such items or literature were found in her flat other than some body building magazines as Kellie admired fine muscular bodies just as a heterosexual man admires shapely female models).

1b. The mist is beginning to clear. Anyeffort to trace the aforesaid Prof Nimbus has Drawn a blank. It seems that this person was a charlatan procured by the Defence.

2. Then they brought forth a silly Dr Patel (I certainly would have walked out of his class had he been my lecturer, he probably bought his qualifications in Zambia ) to denounce some of the findings of a tried and trusted pathologist who completely ruled out sexual misadventure. Dr Patel also stated that Kellie would have had the strength of a grown man and could have easily fought off 17 year old Hyatt yet he had never examined her body. (Kellie says that she was employed as a beautician and did not have the strength of a Navvy, Stone Mason or Mechanic besides she was taken by surprise).

2b, I am making an essential addition to this paragraph as the result of sensational recent developments Regarding the above Dr Patel , Namely Mohamed Saeed Sulema Patel , Alias "Freddy Patel". The foundation of which I was unaware of at the time. However witnessing his performance in court It has come as no surprise. His registration has been withdrawn by the General Medical Council until the 31st of December 2011 and even After that it is in doubt as further questions are asked. There is much on the web about him but regarding our Case he did the following.

A, He falsified his CV claiming that he worked as a Home Office Pathologist and in a group practice between 1988 and 2009, which he did not. This Undermining completely his appearance in court.

B, He made Autopsy conclusions without proper consideration of the Evidence. In our case he made erroneous Statements by not carrying out proper examination of Kellie's body which of course had been Cremated Eight months earlier. Cumulatively negating any authority in the witness box. Now all his detrimental acts and omissions , resulting in a gross showing of misconduct are out dating back to 2002. How could the defending Cabal possibly be Ignorant of his history on the day?

C.    Now that the developments regarding Freddy Patel have reached the conclusion that we have all hoped for in him being struck off for incompetence and dishonesty, more can be said about T008-7007 where now his presence in the witness box was most likely perjurous. 

Patel's attendance in court was not pre arranged, it seems that a new window of opportunity arose for the defence when it was revealed that the DNA evidence which they knew in absolution would put Hyatt away failed to exceed 40%.Meaning that a good chance of getting their way had presented itself if they could pull the jury in their favour.Patel was asked by the defence to attend on Friday the 8th of August but could not as a lecture he was giving would interfere so he came in on Monday the Eleventh following.I have mentioned elsewhere what he did and now it is no surprise, if only I could have known his reputation on the day.

I put it to Joanna Greenberg QC that she knew that Freddy Patel was shall we put it "Flexible"


3. Then they brought forth a publicity seeking Sun Reader (Darren Simpson) who sucked up to Sun reporters last year to witness that he had seen Kellie on the night of Sunday the 18th of November in appalling weather from his car at 11pm when Kellie no longer had a body to exist in.

 I see that he had suddenly become more sure of himself when called to the witness box because the

                           reporters wrote down , " I THINK I saw her last Sunday in Brixton". 

( Darren would do well working for the Sun.?)

4. What hurt Kellie the most (and the police did not help either under cross examination) was the way that the defence played upon the Untidy state of her flat. (Of course it was, it had been ransacked and who washes up and tidies up after a night of booze, smokes and whatever? No not until the morning which she never saw in the flesh and besides the police had a field day in there. )

5. An item of evidence seized by the defence to create rumour and to damage Kellies reputation was the question of the nightgown which actually without proper examination should never have been produced. It showed forty areas of semen stain, these were identified by bio-fluorescence alone so they could be from just one person as one or two good ejaculations can spray quite a large area. A full profile costs money just as the throw which was used to cover her was given the little treatment. (And lets remember Kellie was trans and sometimes self relief takes place).

6. In an attempt to imply that Kellie ran a Disorderly House the defence procured written evidence from Kellies next door neighbours the Buchanans of 83 who all had it in for Kellie and henceforth wasted no opportunity to dig their knives in to witness that loud music and frequent comings and goings indicated that 81 was a disorderly house. (this is utter poppycock, 81 is divided into three flats and all use the same front door And on the question of loud music, Kellie like myself loves club music and it has to be played at a reasonable volume but unfortunately for Kellie her flat was ill ventilated and the slatted windows above her front room windows often needed to be open. I will state however that the council never received any complaints regarding No81).

7. The jury were told by the defence that Kellie had a habit of taking men back to her flat and engaging in intimacy. Where this erroneous figment of the imagination of Joanna Greenberg Q.C came from I do not know. (I can tell you that yes Kellie did occasionally invite male friends who she trusted back to her home, but it rarely concluded in sex and when it did the intimate friend was well aware of Kellies orientation. She was not obsessed with thoughts of sex like the defence and the media would have you believe. Actually she was quite reserved when it came to such things. It was said that Kellie picked up Hyatt, THIS WAS NOT SO, Hyatt begged a cigarette off of Kellie and after giving him one she made her way and he called her back then proceeded to flatter her greatly no doubt for a sexual favour and then on finding out that she lived alone other thoughts would have come into his mind. On the day that she met Hyatt, Kellie felt a little lonely and his plastic flattery tipped the balance. She says that she is disgusted at what she did).

8. From a message received paranormally just prior to TDoR 2013 I have been told that Hyatt's flat was empty on the weekend of the murder because he was occupying his girlfriend's flat at 64 Northborough Road , Norbury. This was because she had taken their baby with her to spend the weekend with her mother outside London. Her flat was close to Norbury station and La Coupe also it was fully furnished unlike Hyatt's bare mattress on the floor.If Hyatt had wanted sex then it would have been easier to have entertained Kellie there. This backs up the fact that Hyatt was intent on seeing what items of value he could steal off Kellie. Here are the final words, let your conscience decide.

I do hope that my efforts have enlightened you regarding the dreadful injustice of which Kellie has been the recipient and that the information that I have given has gone some way towards clearing the name of a Beautiful, Kind and caring person and exposing the practices of Pillai-Jones and Greenberg et al . It appears that apart from her family I am the only one who Kellie has to defend her. And I am appalled at the utter neglect shown by Kellies close friends when she needed them most. Many so called `blog sites have not helped either and have in many cases caused severe hindrance to Kellies cause just as many press sites and broadcasters have been seen to be lacking.

Here I will single out a few;- The Pink Paper which should be supporting the LGBT community in their last article on the conclusion of the case they stuck religiously to Hyatts Questionable statements of which there are many and completely omitted the time that Hyatt was seen leaving Leander Road and his use of her `phone on that road and what he had on his person. (There was no attempt to give support to the Trans community or any sign of unease at knowing Kellies killer had not been brought to book, this does not surprise me as in 2006 Kellie says that the author of this article propositioned her in a club and she turned him down knowing that he was promiscuous and that there was a strong rumour that he was HIV+.  And as a result of her sharp rejection of his advances he showed his displeasure loudly in a very rude manner )..If I mention the Sun I need say no more. I am also disgusted with many so called Feminist sites like UNCOOL, FEMINISTE, the F WORD and several others hosting `bloggers who have shown disbelief at the facts that I have stated and have done nothing but spew forth clap trap and Parrot the lies instilled into them by the so called pillars of newsprint and broadcasting having done no real research themselves resulting in a display of unbelievable incompetence when it comes to defending Kellie.

Lets see what the future holds, It is a shame that none of us will ever see her in the flesh again yet she exists and is strong. She still has a lovely face and beautiful eyes and is just as kind and loving as she was in the flesh. She still feels just the same.

But there is a secret with which I am entrusted, souls have names and the soul of K M D Telesford shows rights absolute to a Kingdom.

Remember Kellie as there is a seat of power beyond. Why do you think that I have been lead to do this having never known her in life. Here I see through a chink as the door is not fully closed as yet, the vision is of redemption. Remember 1 Corinthians 1. V26 For ye see your calling, brethren, how that not many wise men after the flesh, not many mighty ,not many noble, are called;  V27. But God hath chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise; and God hath chosen the WEAK things of the world to confound the mighty;  V28. And the BASE things of the world , and things which ARE DESPISED, hath God chosen, yea , and things which are not, to bring to nought things that are: R


Here are the final words, let your conscience decide.

I Am The Strength, You Are The Weakness.


Best wishes to you all and NEVER EVER be afraid to die. Yours YELHSA. NOTTINGHAM.


Hidden in this writing is the Holy name of the Creator of all things  In existence.

Only those with Higher soul will know it as the barrier Between body and soul will be removed upon sight of the above.






Source of devine energy.5hr,20min

Right Ascension.-8 Degrees Declination

678,000.127398 Light Years Distant.

The response is instant

Source of devine energy. Right Ascension 18Hours, 4 min. Declination,-87Deg, 25min. 1,000,010. Light Years distant.
  Response Instant.
The knowledge of all things past, Of all things present,
And of all things to come.
    The Symbol of Power Absolute.
    The Halo is the silhouette of the
Highest lifeform which is conjoined
With the higher soul but is above
Human form.

Source of Divine Energy in CYGNUS, RightAscension 20h 30min 46.07sec. Declination +43deg 54min.




Post Script.

Early in September 2013 I was publicly lambasted in the press for my stance regarding

the late Claudia Elizabeth Lawrence of Heworth Road in York who vanished without trace

on Thursday the 19th of March 2009.  This originated from Claudia's so called friends and

Family.  She certainly did not need any enemies.  They make out that I am Obsessed by

the case !!  But when a related soul comes to me for help then it is a DUTY to make known

certain knowledge which will help to bring about closure to this awful scenario. It seems

that I am all that she has and should I fall for her sake then so be it.  All my work is public

and I have nothing to hide.  None of them will talk to me and the Police ditto as I wrote to

them twice even offering to go to Newby Wiske at my own expense.

Now for a general outline of my findings. There is much much more.

They really do not like me.


1.  I visualised the strangulation of Claudia Lawrence at 0535 on Thursday the 19th of March

      2009 by a male aged around 45 years of tanned appearance having a grey No2 cut hair style.

      He had no identifying Scars.  He was certainly taller as his head was in full view.

      He was seated in a LHD Audi and Claudia was the passenger.  There were no expletives or

      struggle, she was taken by surprise by someone she knew.  From another Clandestine Psychic

      this took place across the road from her home.  The vehicle would have exited towards

      Costcutters.  Its approach to No46 would have been seen  briefly  by five cameras at

      the Limes Hostel. Now this man in an animated vision walked in upon Claudia Lawrence whilst

      she was in congress with another man who I believe was planted to cause this confrontation

      and give the murderer cause to kill Claudia for others.

2.  I next saw this Audi which seemed a dark colour possibly brown approach a tall building with

      an antenna on the top. It entered into the car park via an electric barrier.  This I remote viewed.

      This year I found it by accident , It is Northern House (Rougier St.York).  The Barrier is opened by

      security code/ Card.  This I am sure this was her body being displayed to a paymaster to verify job


3. I viewed a work unit, upper corrugated cladding and lower brickwork about 30x15-20 m.

     The Audi was parked alongside with both near side doors open. It had beige upholstery.

      There seemed to be something inside which I should not see.  A grey or silver 4X4 was also parked

     next to it.  I am sure that the body of Claudia Lawrence was to be transferred to the other vehicle

     to take it off road for burial.

4. I viewed a light between trees in the early hours of the following day. I seemed to fly around a U

     shape path over a barren field and landed at the other end of the U where I was alongside a small

     timber bridge over a little stream/Dyke.  I could still see the light in the distance. Time and distance in

     RV can be difficult to compute but from rough extrapolation it would be about 80 metres.

     The little bridge from further RV work is about  25 metres north of the north eastern corner of the

     compound of Osbaldwick 400 Kv electricity  substation.  I have been there and found it.

     It had been dismantled but I re built it to photograph. There are many small dykes in that area.


5.  Within that area I visualised Claudia Lawrence's Pony "Cobweb".  Now in the book "Gone" by Neil

     Root {Another who will not talk to me}, it states that Claudia and JEN KING used to cycle to Osbaldwick

     to visit "Cobweb".  Someone who knew Claudia, Jen and Cobweb also knew that land very well.

     In places you can dig your own grave and jump in without feeling tired for the water table is near the

     surface.  I would like to add that Martin Dales a so called spokesperson for Peter Lawrence deliberately

     avoided answering my question of "Where was Cobweb grazed in Osbaldwick"?

6. In the early days a metaphysician named Karen Stevens used RV to try and locate the whereabouts

     of Claudia Lawrence, but she was strangely pushed aside or worse and did not continue the task and

      furthermore failed to communicate with me.  However I have found her Isolated White House and

      Georgian Style House and nearby are Dykes which concur with her Ditch.  Her circular object will no

     doubt be the traffic island which is on the A1079 just east of Grimston Bar.  And something with

     spikes on the top will be EHT transformers in the compound of Osbaldwick Sub. This gives substance

     to my findings via RV.

7.   I this year have obtained an image of activity within the lounge of the Nags Head public house in

       Heworth York.  This was taken in August 2008 and it shows a man who is astoundingly like the one who

       I saw walk in upon Claudia, his crewcut shimmered as he turned. A woman shorter than he who is

      identical in height to Claudia by analysis stands partly obscured beside him.  Simon Forman is at the bar

      and must therefore know him as will an ex lover of Claudia's who is also seen there. And by dead

      reckoning I should be inclined to assume that Jen King took the photograph as she worked there at

      the time aforementioned.  From my experiences with this Clique I should say that all the friends of

      Claudia Lawrence who did frequent the NH during 2008-9.(0.25) knew this Man.